Pull me back, push me in, make me look

Typical slolidness. Truth be told, I know the people who were at ours. I see a resemblance. Three men to a cradle, this tops humanities cake. Unbelievable.

I don’t think any human being from boomer or zoomville has ever experienced this. Nope, I think not. Guess what? Dress rehearsal’s over.

Based on science and common sense alone, we have two options: Die forever here or live out there. (forget about time for now) That’s the truth.

Most haven’t left their village. I can see how scary this prospect can be, especially if you believe in “life after death”.


"God’s Ivory" Nominated for Webby

Our documentary “God’s Ivory,” about the world’s illicit ivory trade and its connection to religious totems, has been nominated in the documentary category of the 18th Annual Webby Awards, which highlight the “best of the Web.” While the Academy will select a winner in each category, every nominee contends for a “People’s Voice” award - and we’d immensely appreciate your vote. Please visit the Webby site to sign-in and cast your vote today. Category: Online Film & Video - Documentary - Individual Episode

"God’s Ivory" is a collaboration between Reportage photographer Brent Stirton, filmmaker Andrew Hida and National Geographic writer Bryan Christy. A trailer is above and you can view the entire documentary in Reportage Journal #2.

(via gettyimages)

For Debbie, Corralie and Leonard. Hint: Go Leafs GO!

It’s about balance, blessings and curses (as they say) of being alive.

And, don’t tell me you care that you need to share every snippet of information, fiction or non… on-line, either.

Don’t tell me you care if you still have any kind of paper or plastic product on the racks, okay?